Meet Your Coach

Gillian Richards is the founder and CEO of Wake-Up-Reset. She is a Nutritionist, fitness, and wellness coach. Gillian Richards earned a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and wellness from the University of Saint Joseph in 2018. Gillian is a nutritionist and works with women, infants, and children by conducting nutritional assessment, health screenings, monitoring children's development and immunizations. She also assists her clients by connecting them to services in their communities that are beneficial to their needs. When Gillian is not in the office she switches gears into coach mode and enjoys working with individuals, diligently providing fitness sessions, and healthy eating guides while educating, motivating, and training them to achieve their desired fitness goals. In her leisure time she enjoys singing in her church choir, spending quality time with her family, exercising, hanging out with friends, developing nutritional recipes, and cooking.

Gillian was born and raised in Jamaica. As a young girl growing up, she like to climb trees, play soccer and cricket with the boys. Gillian was always athletic and flexible; in elementary school, she loved running and was an avid participant in track and field. As a sprint runner, she won gold and silver medals at various sport tournaments and competitions. From her early years she always had the love for health and fitness, after migrating to the United State she continued along that same path. She has high energy, grit, discipline, and determination which she has channeled into her personal and professional life. She decided to use her expertise and talent to make a difference in the lives of others. She founded Wake-Up-Reset with the goal to help people take charge of their health with her nutrition coaching, full body exercise routines that they can perform at home; and marketing fitness attire that are affordable and flattering to all body types.

The name Wake-up-Reset came from observing the lifestyle of people in our fast-paced society facing challenges to find balance and fit exercise into our busy days.  Faced with many responsibilities and distractions, people have a hard time fitting purposeful exercise or intentional food choices into their daily routines. “It would seem as if people are sleeping and the only way to revive them is to wake them up”, says Gillian. She wishes to help others wake up and reset their health, so that they can walk into their purpose. According to Gillian “Without a healthy body, mind and soul; the individual may not perform at their best”. She believes that many dreams, talents, and gifts have gone to waste because people have forgotten about self-care. She wants people to know that health is the foundation to well-being and happiness.

Wake-Up- Reset logo is made up of three colors: yellow, white and red. Thus, the yellow color represents courage, and self-confidence, the white represents organization and efficiency, the red represents power and energy. In completion, Wake-UP-Reset signifies a life of revitalization, which is needed to accomplish an abundance in living.  According to Gillian an abundance of life was promised to us by God, thus: “Together we can accomplish it, Together nothing is impossible”.

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